Peak District pub help out vulnerable residents in Calver

The Eyre Arms are putting together hampers of basic supplies for isolated residents in the community.

In the Peak District, a pub in Calver are delivering food and supplies to vulnerable people in their community, as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

The Eyre Arms has put together hampers of various essentials, including veg, milk and butter.

Manager James Gibson says recent government announcements have hit them hard;

"It's been really difficult, I think a lot of people have been scared by the government's advice to avoid pubs and other social venues.

"We've had to adapt the way we run our business by offering a takeaway service for people, just to try and keep the business going.

"It's just really difficult for everybody right now."

He also told us he's hopeful their initiative to help vulnerable residents will prove to be a success;

"We've spoke to all of our local customers, asked them if they want to get involved with what we're doing.

"As a result, they've nominated people or given us names of people they know are struggling, and many have offered to distribute our packages for us.

"The local customers are coming to the pub, collecting the packages and then taking the supplies out to those who need them the most in our community."

You can see more about what the Eyre Arms in Calver are doing on their Facebook page below;



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