Planning permission for fracking in Eckington could be granted in just 4 months

Ineos hope Derbyshire County Council will stick to the 16 week statutory consultation period when they submit their application in the coming weeks despite opposition from local residents.

A decision could be made on whether planning permission is granted for fracking to happen on a site in Eckington in the next 4 months.

Ineos who want to drill for shale gas on land just off of Marsh Lane have confirmed to Peak FM they hope to submit their full planning application to Derbyshire County Council by the end of this month. There would then be a statutory consultation period of 16 weeks. 

Protesters have expressed concerns that an official environmental impact survey hasn't been conducted but Lynne Colder the Commercial Director at Ineos said the company has carried out tests of it's own to try and ease those worries:

"People are starting to understand that us not having to do the impact assessment doesn't mean we've not done any tests on the environmental impact.We have conducted a number of our own surveys and I think that while people understand that these are Ineos sponsored surveys they also understand that these are going to effect the planning application."

Campaigners once again protested at a second exhibition held by Ineos on Thursday to answer and questions. Lisa Shires who's house is just 300 yards from the proposed site, she told Peak FM: "They don't know what they are doing. They have all the gear but they have no idea. They have never fracked and we've seen in other parts of the country this can cause Earth quakes."

"There is going to be health implications, noise and our house prices have already come down. It's going to be mayhem. We are trapped. We can't sell and move because the properties aren't worth anything. I'm scared for the future and my children. We are going to keep fighting this though and I don't think it will happen."

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