Plans approved for 58 new homes on greenfield site on the edge of Matlock

Councillors in the Derbyshire Dales have voted to approve plans to build 58 new dwellings on greenbelt land on the outskirts of Matlock, near to Matlock Golf Club.

50 of the new homes, or around 86% of the development will be categorised as 'affordable housing,' which the council say is high on their list of priorities. 

Planning officers recommended the move to councillors after weighing up the potential social and economic benefits to the availability of housing, against the environmental impact of the development.

Elected members on the District Council then voted to pass the plans in a meeting earlier this week. 

This particular project is not part of the council's local plan for housing, which sets out to build 6,571 houses in the Derbyshire Dales across 28 sites.

Tim Braund, the head of regulatory services at Derbyshire Dales District council says building cheaper homes is high on the authority's list of priorities.

He said: "We are an area where in terms of housing prices and average wage, there is a big gap between the two. It's very difficult for people to get a foot on the housing ladder or for people to find appropriate housing as they age. So there are all kinds of benefits from this site that taken together, enabled officers to recommend approval."

On the potential impact the plans could have on the environment and the landscape, Mr Braund said: "Every effort has been made in building up the application to minimise the landscape impact of this development, but we do recognise that there will be houses where there is currently a field.

The overall benefit of this scheme, particularly in terms of the much needed affordable housing it provides was considered to outweigh those concerns." 

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