Play centre owner fears many facilities in North Derbyshire could close due to the impact of the pandemic

Rachel Marples, who owns Jilbee Land, is urging the government to outline their plans for the industry sooner rather than later.

There are fears kids' play centres could have to close their doors across North Derbyshire for good due to the impact of the covid-19 pandemic.

Peak FM has spoken to one owner who says the government hasn't given them any guidance on when they're able to re-open.

Rachel Marples owns Jilbee Land.

Their site shifted to the former Chuckles play centre in Clay Cross just before lockdown;

"There's been nothing at the moment. We were told that we can't open, but we've not been given any idea when we can open.

"The funding's running out I'm afraid. We're in contact with other play centres in our area, and quite a few of them have said that if they don't get any help by October, then they'll have to shut their doors."

She added that additional support is required across the sector as a matter of urgency;

"We really gratefully received the government's hospitality and leisure grant, as did all the other bars and restaurants around us, but that's running out now.

"There's been no mention of any further help, which's frustrating. If we had a date to work towards, that would give us hope, but that's not the case right now."

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