Police Federation chair calls on next Prime Minister to invest more cash into the force

The chairman of the group which represents the welfare of police officers in Derbyshire are calling on whoever becomes the new Prime Minister to commit more spending to improving policing across the UK

Police officer numbers in the UK have been cut by around 20,000 since 2010 following the government's austerity measures, and that has led to a reduction of 400 officers in Derbyshire over the last 9 years.

But with Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt competing to become the new prime minister, the chair of Derbyshire's Police Federation, Tony Wetton has called on both candidates to pledge more funding to the force, should they win the vote to lead the Conservative party.

Mr. Wetton said: "Policing budgets have been decimated over the past nine or ten years. It needs properly looking at. It needs a proper investment in policing for the future and dealing with the violent crime and knife crime that we've seen in other counties and cities.

"Some of the candidates have suggested they'll give us the 20,000 officers back. We'd be very happy to see that sort of investment in policing. 

"Some of those officers, if they were reinstated in those numbers wouldn't go back necessarily in the places they were ten years ago, we've learned lessons over the last ten years."

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