Prime Minister Theresa May visits Clay Cross on campaign trail

The Prime Minister was in North Derbyshire this afternoon as she continues her campaign ahead of this year's general election.

She was visiting local roofing company, IKO Polymeric and answered questions on a number of local and national issues.

You can hear the full press conference from the Prime Minister's visit to Clay Cross here:

Peak FM were allocated two questions in the conference, and we asked her on the issues of fracking in North Derbyshire, along with the state of social care in our communities.

On fracking, Mrs May said: "It is important for us in this country that we have clean and secure energy supply. I think people will recognise that we want to ensure we have an energy supply they can rely on and obviously shale gas extraction could play an important part in that.”

“But when it comes to local communities and the impact that extraction will have, I think it’s very important first of all that we have very clear and very rigorous rules and criteria about that extraction process, and secondly  that we ensure local communities see the benefits of what is happening.”

When asked about the state of social care in Derbyshire, she commented: "Social care has been under pressure, we absolutely recognise that and as we see an ageing population, it's important we look at the issue of social care.

"I see this as an issue that should be addressed in the short term, medium term and the long term. In the short term we have put more funding into social care, we've given councils the opportunity to have this 3 percent precept on council tax to put funds into social care, in the budget this spring the chancellor announced 2 billion pounds extra to go into social care.

"We also need to ensure that best practice is spread around the country because if you're looking at the impact on the health service in terms of delayed discharges from beds, practice varies significantly around the country. We need to make sure that everybody is learning from the best. But we also need longer term to ensure that we have a sustainable system of social care here in the UK, and that's what we've been working on."


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