Shirebrook community group provide isolated residents with vital mental health resources

The Shirebrook Neighbourly Allotment Group have provided food and other vital resources to vulnerable members of their community in recent weeks.

As it's mental health awareness week, we've been speaking to local groups who've been doing their bit to help their community.

During the pandemic, the Shirebrook Neighbourly Allotment Group, who're better known as 'SNAG', have been delivering food parcels to vulnerable or isolated residents.

However, they've also included a list of emergency contacts for people to refer to if they're struggling mentally to cope with life in the coronavirus crisis.

The Co-Founder of Snag, Ian Maddison, told us more about this;

"All the different agencies, community groups and national organisations that offer support to people-whether it's mental health or financial support-are all packaged up into a useful information contacts sheet.

"We put one of these in every SNAG box, as it's important people can reach out for help in these difficult times."

Mr Maddison says many people in the Bolsover district have helped to compose it;

"We've been very fortunate that friends and colleagues from Shirebrook and wider parts have helped us out with a number of useful contacts."

You can find out more about the group on their Facebook page below;


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