Staff at Chesterfield Royal Hospital warn patients about over-use of antibiotics

Chesterfield Royal Hospital are trying to warn patients and staff about the over-use of antibiotics

It is leading to the rise of so called super-bugs which are resistant to certain illnesses, which are expected to kill 10 million people a year globally by 2050.

Pharmacist at the hosptal, Umi Quinn is specialist in antibiotics at the royal. She said: "The types of bacteria that we're particularly worried about, we usually refer to as CPO's. They are resistant to most antibiotics, we only have last resort antibiotics to treat those, but of course when they fail, we're not really left with anything.

Umi added that for some illnesses, antibiotics are not necessary: "Earaches, sore throats, coughs and colds are often caused by viruses. Antibiotics don't work against them, but maybe you're pressuring your doctor to prescribe you antibiotics. If they do then that is actually unnecessary."

You can hear our full chat with Umi here:


For further advice about common infections, and when you should seek medical help, visit www.nhs.uk

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