Survey shows Derbyshire childminders are struggling to cover basic costs due to lack of funding

A charity supporting childminders in Derbyshire has claimed they're not getting enough money from the government

Out of 675 registered childminders surveyed in the county, 555 of them said the funding they receive isn’t covering the most basic costs of childcare.  

The charity also claims UK childminders are having to charge parents for consumables and having to increase their rates for non-funded hours to meet the costs that local government funding is failing to provide. 

Across the rest of the UK, 80% said the funding would not cover their costs, with nearly half finding their payments to be late, or worse, incorrect. 

Of those surveyed, 2 in 5 (42%) stated that their funding rate had been reduced this year and nearly three quarters disclosed that the funded rate they are receiving is lower than the hourly rate they are charging - some by as much as £2 an hour. 

Executive Director of Childminding UK Elaine Pitteway told Peak FM: "Local authorities were funded quite well in the past to offer funded training and support, but most local authorities have now cut that out completely."

"Parents are perhaps charged more now for non-funded hours. They may be introducing compensation for meals and snacks, charging for outings, mileage and that sort of thing."

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