The Spiderman of Bolsover prepares to run 100km for Chesterfield Royal Hospital

He'll be attempting this task on a treadmill in Clowne on his front drive.

A Clowne resident, who's recently made headlines for keeping kids entertained in Bolsover during the lockdown, is preparing to take on a more daunting challenge this week.

Ben Haye's been using his daily exercise period to put on a show for children in the district whilst dressed as Spider-man.

However, the 32 year old's now planning to run 100km in his superhero costume on Wednesday to raise cash for Chesterfield Royal Hospital's 'Protect Your NHS' campaign.

He'll attempt the challenge on a treadmill in the driveway of his home on Wheatsheaf Way, and has this message for people in the area;

"If you are based in Clowne, and you've got your son or daughter with you, and they want to pop up and see Spider-man on the treadmill, then I'd appreciate your support.

"I'm planning to go Facebook live with it, and hopefully a few people are going to share that.

"If that happens, then we may get some more donations on the actual day with any luck."

He also told Peak FM he wants to smash his target of £1,000;

"It's obviously going to be a very long challenge, and as a minimum I want to raise a grand for the Royal, but hopefully I can get a bit more than that."

You can learn more about what Ben's doing on the Just Giving page below;




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