Volunteers praised at Chesterfield Royal Hospital

Chesterfield Royal Hospital are highlighting the crucial work of people giving up their time to help staff and patients at the trust during national volunteers' week

There are currently 177 voluntary staff working at the royal carrying out a range of duties and tasks. The hospital are particularly raising the profile of the amount of young people currently helping out at the trust. Currently, 35% of volunteers based at the royal are aged between 16-24.

Young volunteer William Holmes told Peak FM why he is volunteering at the hospital: "In my opinion volunteering is not expecting anything back, but you give. So I felt that volunteering at the hospital would be a brilliant thing for me to do.

"I think it is a really positive thing for me because I'm getting a lot of experience and I think that whatever career path I choose, it will be really beneficial for me."

Volunatry services manager at the Royal, Richard Ball said: "They play a considerable role in adding extra hours of support that enhances the patient experience. The types of roles they do are meet and greet, they can chat with patients, run errands for staff so staff can focus on quality patient care and escorting patients to different areas.

"All those things combined add up to a huge number of hours which last year was just over 19,000, meaning 19,000 hours was given in support of staff to be able to focus on more quality patient care. The volunteers themselves get a really good oppportunity to either give something back, support their work experience or even their university or college courses."

"To all the volunteers at the Royal I'd like to say a heartfelt thank you/ for all the time, patience and compassion that you give to make this hospital a better place for folks who are either a patient her or work here and I'm so proud to work alongside you."

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