Why Chesterfield's MP won't back Theresa May's new Brexit deal

Chesterfield MP Toby Perkins has outlined his reasons as to why he still won't be backing the new Brexit deal tabled by Theresa May, which will be voted on by MP's later

The Democratic Unionists have also said they can't support Theresa May's EU withdrawal deal, along with several conservative eurosceptics.

The government's top lawyer said changes to it mean it's less likely the UK will be trapped in the Irish backstop - but still wouldn't be able to leave it without the EU's consent.

Toby Perkins told Peak FM: "It doesn't give a great deal of confidence that we are any clearer as to what the arrangements will be once the transition period is over.

"As I've said all along, what I would like is a permanent arrangement whereby we know the basis on which we're leaving the EU, which in line with Labour's proposals would mean we stay in the customs union, we don't stay in the single market but we do regain control of immigration.

"I think that's a far more sensible and stable basis to go forward."

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