Wingerworth woman who witnessed Streatham Terror incident: "I thought I was in a horror movie"

A 19-year old woman has told Peak FM she has been left "really upset" after witnessing the incident in which a man stabbed two people before being shot dead by police in south London yesterday.

Sudesh Amman stabbed two people in Streatham - just weeks after being released from jail. He was shot dead by armed police.

Courtney McCann told us she was getting ready to go ice-skating with her friends at the time: "I was on the bus with my friends and I just heard screaming and loads of police cars coming down. The bus driver just stopped.

"I got off to see what was happening and I just saw this guy with a gun pointing at a man and he just shot him.

"I froze for a minute and there was more people with guns. I could've sworn it was like a gang of them.

"He had something strapped to himself. My friends jumped off as well at the time and I said 'just go' at that point. I just wanted to get out of there, I didn't want to be involved with it, I just wanted to go.

"Then, I walked off and just kept hearing more gunshots, people getting stabbed and I just wanted to leave. It was just horrible. I didn't know what to think at first, I thought it wasn't even real. I thought I was in a horror movie or something like that. I thought it was a nightmare.

"It was really disgusting and it has made me really upset. It was my first time in London, I was not expecting this. I just wanted to go ice skating with my friends and I just saw that and didn't know what to think.

"There was screaming, I didn't understand what he was saying but I swear he was just saying 'get back, get back, get back.' It looked like he had a bomb on him, strapped to him."

The Prime Minister has since announced "fundamental changes" to the way extremists are dealt with.

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