Work being carried out by Virgin Media provokes unrest in Old Whittington

It's currently taking place on Station Lane.

Work being undertaken by Virgin Media in Old Whittington has caused controversy in recent days.

Residents on Station Lane have complained that homes are being blocked off and people are having to walk with pushchairs on the road. 

This man who lives nearby-who wished to remain anonymous-says it's proving to be an inconvenience; "It's just a bit of hindrance isn't it? Especially for the children going to school and the elderly who need to go to the doctor's over the road."

However, another resident is calling on people to be more flexible; "More versatile, that's what people need to be. They're only going to be there for a couple of weeks, and then they'll have gone. Not only that, but we'll then benefit from whatever they're putting into the area."

We contacted Virgin Media for a statement on this issue, but they're yet to provide a response.

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