Workers in East Midlands put in more than £1.9 billion worth of unpaid overtime last year

Companies in the East Midlands claimed more than £1.9 billion of free labour last year because of workers’ doing unpaid overtime, according to new analysis of official statistics published today (Friday) by the TUC.


343,000 people in the region put in an average of 7.5 hours a week in unpaid overtime during 2018. On average, that’s equivalent to having £5,557 taken out of individual pay packets.

Today is the TUC’s 15th annual Work Your Proper Hours Day, marking the fact that the average person doing unpaid overtime has effectively worked the year so far for free.

TUC Regional Secretary for the East Midlands Lee Barron said: “It’s not okay for bosses to steal their workers’ time. 

“Lots of us are willing to put in a few extra hours when it’s needed, but too many employers are taking advantage.

“Overworking staff hurts productivity, leaves workers’ stressed and exhausted and eats into time that should be spent with family and friends. 

“Bosses who do steal people’s time should face consequences. So we’re calling for new rights to ensure that employers who break the rules on working time can be brought to employment tribunals.” 

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