An EastEnder return

Michelle Fowler’s secret threatens to expose itself when she returns to the square.

Michelle Fowler’s secret is one of the biggest mysteries in EastEnders at the moment.

The reason why the legendary character returned to Walford more than two decades after she left to move to America is still a mystery and set to be revealed in a special episode later this month.

Now in spoiler pictures released by the BBC One soap, it looks like Michelle is set to leave Albert Square just a couple of weeks after arriving and her secret could be revealed.

Her friends and family throw Michelle a surprise party in the Queen Vic to say goodbye as they think she’s jetting off to return to America, but Michelle’s secret threatens to keep her in Walford for even longer.

Viewers have watched as Michelle tried to phone her son Mark Jr but couldn’t get through to him, leaving them wondering whether he is part of the reason she returned.

Last year Mark arrived in the Square for a visit and discovered his biological father was Grant Mitchell before leaving to go back to America. He has yet to appear on screen with his mother.

Sharon’s long-term BFF Michelle recently returned to the Square with a brand new face as actress Jenna Russell took over the part.

Soap executive producer Sean O’Connor said: “Of course if you’re considering bringing back Michelle Fowler you’d have to consider talking to Susan.

“But she is now a very well respected, hugely experienced TV director. Her acting career is part of her past.

“But of course I contacted her immediately. It was important to me to make sure she gave the idea her blessing, and it was really delightful when she did.

“I wanted to ask her if there was anything she could share with me and Jenna, and the writing team about Julia Smith and Tony Holland’s (the original producer and script editor) original ideas for Michelle.”

Susan, who started her career on Grange Hill gave up acting and is now a director, whose credits include drama Lark Rise To Candleford.

And Jenna is best known for her role of Dot in Sunday in the Park with George in the West End and on Broadway, receiving the Tony Award nomination and the 2006 Olivier Award for Best Actress in a Musical.

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