Ant gets back with Dec

Declan Donnelly opened the new series of I'm a Celebrity with a joke about Ant McPartlin being replaced by Holly Willoughby.

The Geordie duo were on fine form from the start of tonight's show, with Dec addressing previous rumours that Ant was going to be replaced after he went into rehab to deal with his addiction to prescription medication.

He said: "Welcome to Australia, we are back, and we're here for the next three weeks.

"Your hosts with the most, me and the gorgeous Holly Willoughby...."

He looked around and trailed off as Ant looked at him in mock shock and said: "What? Sorry, what? what?!"

Dec then told the crew they had "put the wrong script in" before adding: "Nobody was sure if you would make it or not."

Ant replied: "Unbelievable!" before he said: "I was always going to make it, come on, I'm back my friend! Come on!"

The BFF's then hugged it out with Dec grinning as he said: "It's good to have you back!"

Rubbing his friends back, Ant replied: "It's good to be back!"

Viewers were delighted to see the pair back together and on our screens and took to Twitter to share their joy.

One wrote: "How nice is it to see Ant and Dec back man specially after everything’s ants been through. Absolute national treasures #imaceleb".

Another added: "I'm so glad they addressed the possibility of Ant not being back for #ImACeleb because it was a very stressful time for all of us."

A third agreed, tweeting: "The fact that Ant and Dec joked about everything was brilliant #ImACeleb"

Another fan of the cheeky chaps posted: "Love the fact that ant can make jokes of what’s happened even tho he’s been through a rough time #ImACeleb".

A fellow viewer tweeted: "Don't lie these two are the whole reason we watch the show, legends! So glad to see ant back, wouldn't be the same without him! Loved the opening joke about it tho!"


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