Big Brother star Jeremy McConnell jailed

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The reality TV star has been JAILED for breaching a community order by flying to Turkey for a hair transplant.

He was told he will spend 18 weeks behind bars over the festive season as Cardiff Magistrates' Court activated his original suspended jail term.

McConnell seemingly expected to be heading to the slammer posting an Instagram story reading "If I don't see yas have a good Christmas", shortly before attending court.

Just hours earlier a seemingly unrepentant McConnell posted a picture of his blindingly white smile that appears to plug a dentistry study - also in Turkey.

The court handed McConnell a suspended sentence in August after hearing he had thrown the mother of his child Stephanie Davis "around like a rag doll" as she held their baby son.

He had been sentenced to 20 weeks in prison, suspended for 12 months, and told to attend a Building Better Relationships course,as well as carrying out 200 hours community service.

Today the probation service recommended he be ordered to complete extra hours of unpaid work after missing eight work appointments.

But the judge dismissed the recommendations telling McConnell he was being sent to jail.

District Judge Wendy Lloyd said: "After trial I convicted you of a vicious alcohol-fuelled attack on your partner and the mother of your child.

"She received a number of injuries and you also damaged her property.

"You showed no regard for your little baby, who was caught up in the violence.

"I was anxious to protect other women from your violence in future, so I gave you a suspended sentence with rehabilitation requirements.

"Your solicitor said it would be unjust to activate that sentence.

"However I find the reality is that your enthusiasm for cooperation has been short lived and there's nothing to show in the future things will change.

"You have done some of the work and it seems fair that I give you some discount for that.

"I sentence you to 18 weeks of imprisonment out of the original 20."

Just three months into the original order Sun Online exclusively revealed that McConnell had ditched community service to get a hair and beard transplant at Hair of Istanbul in Turkey.

As the revelation came to light a source close to the star told The Sun Online: “Jeremy has been reckless and stupid to think that the law wouldn’t catch up with him.

“He skipped dates so he could go out partying with his mates in Turkey and now it’s caught up with him.

“He’s had a hair transplant but the price could be a stint behind bars.

“He’s put his hands up though and will face the music on Thursday.

“Jeremy doesn’t seem that bothered about going back into court but that could all change depending on what the judge decides.”

Jeremy was been pictured entering court this afternoon to put his case to magistrates.

After he walked free from jail in August, Jeremy re-located to Cardiff to start his 200 hours of unpaid work.

Last month, the 29-year-old was pictured sweeping roads as part of the order, but three weeks on he had flown abroad.

During his time in Turkey, Jeremy partied with his friends and was caught on camera “boasting about having cocaine” in his hotel room.

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