Car Share is set to return

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Peter Kay has shocked fans by revealing there will be another series of his hit comedy, Car Share.

Fans were left bereft back in May when the show ended on a cliffhanger between his character John and his co-star Kayleigh, played by Sian Gibson.

Peter insisted there wouldn't be any more episodes - not even a Christmas Special - but he'srevealed there would be after all.

He said: "Well it's been a very hard secret to keep."

Sian added: "I'm glad it's out in the open" to which Peter replied he was too.

He continued: "We were getting constant abuse about it, people were very angry that the series ended in that way, but there is a season finale explaining what happened the next day after the big argument."

Peter said the episode was "coming soon" before revealing they had also filmed an unscripted episode as well.

He said: "It's half an hour of us basically making the script up and improvising."

But Sian quickly added: "[It's] nothing to do with the story".

Peter agreed: "Yes it's just us having a laugh but they are coming on screen next year, so that's a bit of a surprise for everybody."

Viewers were disappointed earlier this year when the show appeared to end for good with John sadly giving Kayleigh the brush off despite her finally revealing she was in love with him.

Fans of the show had been crossing their fingers that the pair, who have travelled to work together every day since 2015, would eventually become a couple.

But at the end of the second series Kayleigh was left deflated as they travelled home from work.

She asked: "What are we?" but turning up the music on the car stereo, John attempted to avoid the question.

When she asked again, he explained that "it is better to stay away from it all" following his heartbreak over ex-girlfriend Charlotte.

After being accused of "living in a fairy tale", Kayleigh tells John: "I don't live in a fairy tale, John.

"I just want to be happy."

Laying her cards on the table, she brands him "infuriating", before declaring: "I can't waste any more time John, I don't have time to waste. I'm getting out."

John replies: "Of where?"

Kayleigh tells him: "Out of your car and your life.

"Because I love you, John, and it kills me you don't feel the same."

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