Dawson’s Creek is returning to TV after 20 years

Photo: Channel 4

TV fans best get ready for the ultimate throwback binge-watch as Dawson's Creek makes its return to screens.

The American sitcom that catapulted fresh-faced Katie Holmes into Hollywood stardom will captivate a whole new generation with its slushy teenage love stories and angst-filled drama.

And those who were glued to the tales of Dawson Leery (James Van Der Beek), Pacey Witter (Joshua Jackson) and Joey Potter (Katie) will today get another bite of the Capeside cherry.

The trip down telly's memory lane is all courtesy of All 4, who exclusively revealed to The Sun Online every single episode of the hit Channel 4 series will now be available on boxset.

Get set to tap back into the times when Dawson and Pacey dreamed of their perfect girls while working in Screenplay Video before Joey came along to instigate an epic love triangle.

Remember how it took Joey and Dawson, then a tender age of 15, a whole two series to have their first kiss?

Or how travesty struck when Abby Morgan, Capeside's original super-b****, passed away?

Yet the nitty gritty trials and tribulations of love came to the fore when Joey and Pacey snogged in the latter episodes of season three.

In the mix was Andie's dabble into the world of drugs after she tried ecstasy, when Joey and Pacey finally sealed the deal in bed.

Finally, Creek-ers were on the edge of their seats in the final ever episode in series six to see if pining Dawson would finally reunite with soulmate Joey.

We won't spoil that for you newbie viewers, though.

Meanwhile the show also proved a platform for a host of celebrity cameos including Gwen Stefani, Seth Rogan, Jack Osbourne, Chad Michael Murray and Rachel Leigh Cook.

Actor John Wesley-Ship Jnr, who played Mitch Leery, talked of the newfound fame for the show and said: "I think today is quite right for what Dawson’s Creek has to offer.

"There’s great feelings of alienation and disaffection and feeling as though you’re standing on the outside of a glass, with your nose pressed against it watching this drama that’s unfolding.

"To be able to have a place where you can go and dig around in an interior reality is great and relatable."


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