Inside the Big Brother House

Photo: Channel 5

Celebrity Big Brother is back to fill the void for reality TV addicts mourning the loss of Love Island - and the revamped house looks just like the villa.

Big Brother has never been shy of using intense colours and bold furniture to outrageously decorate its abode - and this year is no exception.

From the moment our stars step into the house they will be greeted with two neon lightning bolts either side, guiding them down the steep stairs.

The electric blue colour transforms the tiny space, giving it an exciting feel for the celebrities who have just waved goodbye to life as they know it on the outside.

In a daunting new twist, celebrities won't be able to see who is already in the house because there is a door at the bottom of the stairs.

At least if they have an awkward stumble it'll only be the millions of people watching at home who see it happen.


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