James Arthur admits that he still gets abuse off One Direction fans!

Louis Tomlinson may have forgiven James Arthur... but his fans haven't!

James Arthur has admitted that he still gets online abuse from One Direction fans after he called Louis Tomlinson a 'little b****' in 2013!

The former X Factor winner has previously revealed that he went through a 'dark place' after releasing his debut album following his stint on the TV talent show!

James famously referred to One Direction as a 'marketing product' and encouraged the expected backlash by tweeting 'Bring on the hate I don't wanna be popular. Apart from JLS who are genuinely the coolest people I've met in music'.

Well, backlash from everyone other than JLS fans!

But, after James made his return to music with his number 1 single 'Say You Won't Let Go'... he seems to have made up with Louis after the pair posed for a photograph earlier this year!




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Speaking to the Metro about the incident, James admits that he still gets abuse for the outburst; "They still hold a grudge even though we've made friends and stuff".

He added, "They were like, 'We'll never forget what you did!'.

It appears that Louis Tomlinson doesn't hold a grudge like is millions of fans, James said "We're just a couple of chavs really. We're both common, we're both football fans, we love the same bands and he's a sound lad."

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