Line of Duty series 6 has been confirmed

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As we are patiently waiting to find out the identity of H during next week’s finale, it’s already been confirmed that BBC's Line of Duty will be returning for yet another run.

Given that the revelation of H could possibly be made at the end of season five, what exactly should you expect when the next series kicks off? 

When does Line of Duty season six begin?

In 2017, it was announced by BBC director-general Tony Hall that “there's not one but two more series of Line of Duty.”

Season five kicked off on 31 March, 2019, and since there’s been no official word concerning the premiere date of the sixth series, it’s not entirely sure when the show will return.

The fourth series aired from 26 March, 2017, meaning that fans waited almost two years to catch new episodes of the exhilarating TV programme.

The delay, however, stemmed from the fact that the producer, Jed Mercurio, had been caught up working on another BBC show, Bodyguard.

"I think it's Jed doing Bodyguard because it's quite a big show to write, so that is all [that's holding things up] I think," Vicky McClure shared to Digital Spy in February 2018, explaining the delay in getting the fifth series to finally commence.

Taking that into consideration, it remains unclear when the premiere date for season six is finally confirmed.

What can we expect?

The direction that the following chapter will take remains unclear given that fans have yet to see the conclusion to season five.

Viewers have patiently waited for two seasons to finally learn about the true identity of H, and it seems they are going to get just that with the ”nail-biting 90-minute finale,” which airs on Sunday, 5 May, 2019.

The description of the episode simply reads: “Closely guarded secrets are revealed,” strongly alluding that the revelation of H could very well come to light among other things.

Rochenda Sandall, who plays Lisa McQueen, revealed on This Morning that there’ll be “some form” of conclusion to the narrative.

“But as I'm sure you're all well aware, there's still another series to go and there's lots of details,” Huff Post quotes the TV star saying.

The actress remained rather coy when asked about the finale and whether or not fans will finally find out the true identity of H.

"People don't want to know,” Sandall expressed.

“They say, 'Actually, you know what, don't tell me'. They want to keep it a secret, and they like being the detectives as well. If somebody gave you a spoiler, that would be so rubbish."

In recent episodes of the show, fans have gotten the impression that Ted Hastings is being framed for a crime he didn’t commit and that the person responsible for it all could very well be Gill Biggeloe.

If Ted is found innocent, AC-12 will have quite the case on them to track down the real mastermind behind the mystery character that we’ve tried to get to the bottom of since season three.

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