Rihanna makes music history

US pop star Rihanna has received an award from the industry's Record Association for breaking an all-time digital sales record.

The Record Industry Association of America awarded the singer for breaking their tally of 100 million cumulative certifications.

Certifications are issued every time an artist's track is downloaded or streamed 150 times.

Rihanna was the first to reach 110.5 million digital certifications, which means the Work star's songs were downloaded or streamed 15 billion times.

Her record label, Universal Music Group, made the announcement on Twitter, congratulating her with a photo of the RIAA certification.

Nearly 85% of all legitimate recorded music produced and sold in the United States is created, manufactured or distributed by RIAA labels.

These include Universal Music Records, Atlantic, Capitol, RCA, Warner Bros, Columbia, Motown and others.

The record makes Rihanna officially the most legally streamed or downloaded artist of all time. 

The Barbadian singer's latest album Anti was a big commercial success, and was released free on Tidal in January.

Her album was accidentally leaked one day before its release date, and before Riri could break the news to the fans.

Adele and Beyonce are among several other artists awarded by the RIAA and whose records have been released exclusively online.

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