Robbie to Shine with Gary

He will be joining Gary Barlow, Martin Kemp and Dannii Minogue on the final of Let It Shine

Not only that, but Robbie Williams will be joining the panel as a guest judge. Could life get any better? Here’s all you need to know about when it’s happening and what to expect.

The final is airing on February 25 at 6.55pm on BBC One.  Also on the panel during the final alongside Gary Barlow, Martin Kemp and Dannii Minogue. But it will be the public who decides which band will be crowned.  Robbie Williams will be performing alongside Howard Donald, Mark Owen and Gary Barlow – but not Jason Orange.

Speaking about the upcoming performance, Robbie said: “I’m looking forward to being back with Gary, Mark and Howard on Let It Shine and am excited to be a guest judge for the very special final.”

An insider told The Sun: “Gary wanted to finish off Let It Shine with a bang and he thought a Take That reunion to close the show was the perfect way to achieve it.

“The idea is that it would also set the stage nicely for the musical to follow.

“Robbie seems very keen to get on board, so things are looking good.

“But in the end, Gary decided not to even ask Jason.

“He felt the chances of him doing it were so non-existent that it wasn’t worth the effort.

“Jason just isn’t interested now, he has his own life away from Take That.

“With him out of the picture, Gary is pouring his energy into making sure their reunion as a four-piece is a huge success and blows the audience away.”

Currently we don't know what songs they'll sing in the final - but we imagine 'Shine' will definitely be one of them, if not the show opener. Also expect Rule The World and moody Patience.

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