Taylor Swift rumoured to be joining the X-Men franchise

The X-Men franchise has found a new character for its upcoming film, and it could be meant for Taylor Swift.

Alison Blaire, also known as the mutant Dazzler, is a teenage pop star who reluctantly joins the X-Men in the comic books.

In X-Men: Dark Phoenix, directed by Simon Kinberg, Dazzler is expected to join the original ensemble, Entertainment Weekly reports.

And according to actress Sophie Turner, Swift could be playing her.

Last year, in a "flash back Friday" moment on Instagram, Turner shared a photo of the last film of the series, showing a scene where her character Jean Grey is looking at an album cover by Dazzler.

Tagged in the album photo is Taylor Swift.

"Flash back Friday to that time Cyclops and I went shopping at the mall and found our favourite singer's album (pre 1989, of course)," Turner wrote.

Rumours at the time gained traction when Swift received a visit at her recording studio from the X-Men cast and director Kinberg, who is a self-admitted fan of the pop star.

But the scene with the album cover was cut from the last film, and Dazzler was never cast.

Now that the studio has reportedly confirmed the character's appearance in the next film, Swift could be making her way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

She has recently starred alongside Jeff Bridges in the young adult film The Giver, after making her debut in the 2010 romantic comedy Valentine's Day.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is scheduled to be released in November 2018.

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