Tweet reveals a major Corrie death

Photo: ITV

Fans of the show had managed to avoid finding out who gets killed off, but the soap's Twitter account ruined it in spectacular fashion

The account shared a series of images from an episode set to air this week, revealing that Cobbles favourite Gary Windass (Mikey North) is set to be killed off, leaving Sarah devastated.

In a shock tweet last night, they wrote: “A devastated Sarah finally accepts the news of Gary's death, Luke confronts Rana and things get worse for Robert. ”

While there had been a number of spoilers floating around about Gary’s upcoming death, fans of the show who have avoided them were completely in the dark about the storyline – and were, not surprisingly, annoyed to see the spoiler on the Corrie Twitter.

Some initially thought they might have missed an episode, but they soon realised it was in fact a huge spoiler and they took to Twitter to complain about it.

One person wrote: “Omg biggest spoiler ever .”

Another tweeted: “Um, what????? Cheers for that, you have even spoiled the spoiler now!!!”

While someone else complained: “You’ve been feeding us rubbish storylines for months then you put out a massive spoiler like this ... thanks #Corrie ”

Gary will be killed off this week during an explosion while working in Ukraine.

A TV source previously told The Sun: “Gary’s family are devastated after they’re told of his tragic death.

“Gary’s mum Anna is told that he was killed driving a diplomat whose car was ambushed, blown up and there are ‘no survivors.’

“Sarah is inconsolable when she’s told of his passing and everyone is desperate for more information from the foreign office to find out exactly what's happened.

“The storyline reaches a climatic point towards the end of this year – with Sarah once again left heartbroken.”


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