Year of The Woman theme for CBB

Celebrity Big Brother host Emma Willis kicked off the spectacular launch show in a glitzy pink coat and heels as she introduced Ann Widdecombe as the first contestant to enter the house.

CELEBRITY Big Brother host Emma Willis kicked off the spectacular launch show in a glitzy pink coat and heels as she introduced Ann Widdecombe as the first contestant to enter the house.

The former politician was the chosen as the first to head down the famous steps and into the newly-redesigned compound.

Emma, who amazed fans with her incredible outfit, dropped a swear word as she started the show, saying "I can't bloody wait!"

She kicked off by explaining the Year of The Woman theme - celebrating 100 years since females were given the right to vote and

Emma said: "Eight incredible women are going in, women you never expected to set through these doors....

"Women are in charge they hold the power."

Ann Widdecombe was the first women into the house

She went on to revel two of the rooms are named after leading figures in the Suffragettes - Emmeline Pankhurst - and Emily Davidson.

The show was hit by rain, which began to affect the cameras on the outdoor set so Emma had to move the pre-entry interviews inside to get out of the drizzle.

During her interview with Ann, the ex MP said: "I would prefer some men around if I'm honest... but if I have to put up with cackling females [that's fine].

She also explained by she has always turned down the show until they mentioned the "women's lib" theme.

Ann said: "I've always said no and I was saying no this year - I said yes because of the me.

"It's more serious women's lib and eventually I said yes."

Ann had a man with an umbrella help up the steps to the front door of the house and she turned without waving to head in.

She was astounded as she walked in and compared the decor to an "Ikea showroom".

Celebrity number two was Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Malika Haqq, who told Emma she is "not a feminist, but is pro-women".

She was in the studio with her two young goddaughters and she cried as she gave them a hug before heading into the house.

Malika, who had to wipe her tears as she stepped into the compound, has already gave viewers a giggle as she walked into the house and asked whether the fake fire was real.

During the interview, Emma told Rachel that Ann was in the house and the writer/broadcaster revealed they have already met.

She explained that she interviewed the former MP for a magazine a few years ago.

After Rachel entered the house, she was followed by Made In Chelsea star Ashley James.

The reality star explained that she signed up to the show once she heard producers were doing the Year of The Woman theme.

She also admitted she is a CBB super-fan.

India, who was previously known as Jonathan, opened up about her transition and her voice cracked she talked about the support she's had from her mum.

She said: "I know she must miss Jonathan, but she's been an absolute rock."

She quit the force claiming hundreds of cases of alleged abuse were mishandled or ignored.

Maggie is now taking her career in a whole new direction by going into CBB, and admitted she's only been signed for three weeks.

She only told her children on Friday, and she wanted to tell all her "Rochdale girls" what she was up to, but has written them all a letter instead.
She talked about her feminist views during her entry interview

Maggie was followed by glamour model Jess Impiazzi, who declared stripping off her helped her develop as a feminist.

She wore a long red glittery dress to enter the house and was compared to Jessica Rabbit by the other housemates.

Jess looked overwhelmed as she said goodbye to her mum and Emma and then began breathless introductions in the house.

Amanda Barrie was the last housemate to go into the house
The last housemates Amanda Barrie, who at 82 is the oldest ever housemates.

Emma called the former Coronation Street star an "inspiration" and asked whether she would be partying in the house,

Amanda replied: "I am one of these people who goes, I'm not having a drinks and then after 16 Cosmopolitans I go [how did that happen]/"

After Amanda entered the house, Emma appeared on screen to set them a challenge, but the lights went out and BIg Brother apologised for the "technical difficulties".

The lights kept flickering and they were told to all go through a red door, out of the main house.

After the feed cut back to Emma outside, she explained that it wasn't really technical issues causing the black out - it's all part of the first task.

Amanda and Jess won and were granted immunity from eviction, but there was disaster for  preened reality star Malika, who broke a nail during the challenge.

The Sun Online revealed exclusively that the show will start with an all-female cast, but only for the first four days.

Men will be allowed to enter the infamous reality show on Friday with producers hoping they will “shake up dynamics.”

An insider told The Sun Online: “The show will be women only for four days and then we’ll eventually let some male company in.

“After spending nearly a week forming female bonds and establishing relationships and roles in the house, we’re expecting the boys to really shake up the dynamics – and we’ve got some big personalities entering!”

Love Island hunk Jonny Mitchell was the first male star confirmed for the series.

The other names include R&B star Ginuwine and The Apprentice's Andrew Brady.

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