Hannah Owen: Soaperstar!


Meet the latest member of the Peak FM Breakfast Team, Hannah Owen from Darley Dale. We went on a mission to find North Derbyshire's biggest soap fan and Hannah's knowledge of the soaps put everyone else to shame!! You will hear Hannah every Monday 7.45 with her weekly review!


Alfie has offered to buy the Vic after his unrealistic scratchcard win and Mick is thinking about it, much to Linda’s horror! Mick end’s up storming off and as Linda follows she tumbles down the stairs where she lays unconscious. When she finally comes to, she can’t feel the baby move and is rushed to Hospital. She is relieved as Mick arrives just in time to see the latest Carter arrive. But is the new born a Carter or a Wicks.



Dirk and Cindy have had a bit of a rocky ride but they are very keen to tie the knot. Dirk is delighted when a time slot becomes available at the registry office and he whisks Cindy off for a quickie wedding. They know how to romance in Chester. Dirk however is unaware Cindy has stopped her medication and has recently made a play for her daughter’s boyfriend and snogged her ex boyfriend. So it isn’t looking like a happy ever after here!


Coronation Street

Liz shows potential buyers round the Rovers this week and when one offers the money and only wants to be a silent partner they think there luck is in. Tracy who is scheming with Tony to do the family out of the rovers, gets wind of this and les rip at Tony. However it turns out that Tony is behind the whole thing and he is really the potential buyer. He still has to get Liz out of the boozer though and ends up sending some dodgy mates round to scare Liz. What a charming boyfriend ey!



It was only a matter of time before Chrissie finds out the truth about Robert’s involvement in the Home Farm raid and she ain’t happy. He is convinced he can get back into her good books despite been chucked out, but that changes when Aaron pays her a visit.  He tries to convince her Robert was just trying to win over Lawrence. However she then overhears a conversation between Robert and Aaron where Robert says he shall use the situation to his advantage. That is it for Chrissie, furious, she lures him on a country strolls and ends up locking him in a barn.



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