Tom Hilton

Hello, I am Tom, I am the voice you hear reading the news and from time to time making smart comments with James and Becky on the Breakfast Show.

Full Name: Thomas Christopher John Hilton (Dad thought it would be good to give me two middle names for when I was in the England Cricket Team).
Nickname: Gav says I have one but they don’t say it to my face so I have no idea.
Location of Origin: Born in Buxton. It was probably raining or sleeting or something. Hail probably.
Other Half’s Name: Heather.
Highest Award in Education: Master’s in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Sheffield.
Favourite Song: Runaways by the Killers. It was the first dance at our wedding. Unorthodox.
Favourite Movie: I struggle with movies as I have a short attention sp…
First Ever Proper Job:  Croupier at Napoleon’s Casino on Eccy Road. “No more bets thankyou!”
Favourite Thing About Peak FM:  The phone in after a big Spireites win! Lots of happy fans.
Favourite Place in North Derbyshire: The stretch on the tops between Great Hucklow and the Barrel at Bretton. On a good day you can see for miles and miles and all of it is green. Queen’s Park when the cricket’s on though is a special place as well.
Describe Yourself In Three Words: The big man.


Best Singer: James. He has the voice of an angel and a range that most people dream of.
Best Dancer: Me. Obviously. I cut bare shapes.
Most Annoying: They will both say me. So I refuse to answer this question.
Best Dressed:  Becky. Sometimes it’s running gear other times its pyjamas. She’s a classy bird!

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