Almost Time For The MOD 1

So! It’s pretty much time for the MOD 1 test now in my quest to become a biker! Unfortunately due to the weather conditions, things halted slightly but now the fluffy white stuff seems to have gone (touch wood) I can now crack on with the first part of my Bike test!

The MOD 1 is in place to demonstrate your skills at low speed using your clutch, brakes and throttle to make sure the bike moves steadily and safely as if you were riding in a town centre for example. You then have to do a figure of 8 twice, and control the bike at a walking pace showing you can control it in traffic and slow speed situations.

Next up is the U Turn, the thing to remember when doing all these exercises for the test is to get a Life Saver check in every single time before you set off, despite the fact you are on a safe Pad, it’s there to show you can deal with town riding and at slow speeds.

There will then be an emergency stop where you remember the ratio of 70% 30%. 70% of breaking should be on the front brake with 30% on the back. If you get it wrong, the back wheel will lock up and this could result in a fail. Moving on and there’s the moment you have to get to 31mph and avoid a cone, which could in real life be a pedestrian or obstruction.

I’ll then be crossing everything that I’ve passed and it will be time to work on the MOD 2 and all being well, if I get through that, it will be Matlock Bath on the Bike for Chips!

We then headed through Dronfield for a ride out towards Owler Bar then back to Chesterfield via Chatsworth Road. In a car the journey is fantastic with some breath taking views, on a bike it’s even better! A bit colder granted, but all the same, something you need to tick off your bucket list!

A big thanks to Malc for the helpful advice which included tips on roundabouts, also to keep an eye on the road conditions as you are more vulnerable to ice on two wheels. My main thing to work on is Road positioning as I found myself entering bends on the left of the road where as you should always make sure you are in the centre of the road and also roundabouts which I’ve never been a fan of even in a car!

My MOD 1 is booked for the 4th of April so keep checking back for all the very latest progress!

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