So earlier this week, it was time to do my motorcycle theory test. I was a bit nervous about the hazard perception because I actually failed it twice when doing it for my car but thankfully I passed! I got 49/50 on the questions and 59/75 on the hazard perception.

Next up was a road ride to Matlock Bath on Sunday morning and I loved every minute of it! After asking Gav P who was doing the All Request Brunch to play Steppenwolf Born To Be Wild, we set off!

There was myself, Lorraine and a few other guys that were also coming for the ride and at first, I felt a little rusty as it had been a few weeks since completing my CBT.

After about 15 minutes I got back into it again and loved every minute of the journey, apart from getting stuck behind a tractor on a good bendy road!

We arrived in Matlock Bath to be greeted by literally hundreds of Bikers tucking into some chips while admiring all the bikes on show. We had chips, I was also eying up a gorgeous white Yamaha R1. One day I’ll have one!

The journey home was nice and smooth apart from one of the instructor’s getting a puncture! He temporarily fixed it and we made our way down Slack Hill which was…. Interesting!

It was quite a windy day and you really feel every gust of wind and it’s the same when you go pass a car!

I am genuinely loving this experience and after Matlock Bath, I found myself walking past the bikes like a kid saying how I wanted every single one there!

If biking is something you’d like to try, lorraine and the guys at Triskelion will get you moving in the right direction!

Next up, it’s a go on a 500cc on the pad! Bring it ON!


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