Peak FM's Choir Search

If you're a member of an adult choir we want to hear from YOU and you could perform on one of our big concert stages in front of thousands!

As the year flies by we're already thinking about Christmas and all kinds of things! If you're in a choir you're probably used to long-term planning too!

You could be ANY type of choir: from not very rehearsed to performing every week - all we want to see and hear is talent and passion. So if you're in an adult choir, maybe a gospel choir, barber shop or something more contemporary let us know! We'd love to hear a variety of different styles in the entries from classic to modern!

If picked by our judges you'll get to perform at one of our big stage events this festive season in front of thousands of people!

To enter just submit a short video (around a minute or two is all we need) by YouTube link and fill in your details in the form below!

Standard completion rules apply PLUS:

  • The decision of the judges is final and no correspondence can be entered into
  • The choir must be available to perform on at two or three events in November 2019, dates to be confirmed shortly
  • If unable to perform on the specified dates, Peak FM reserve the right to choose an alternative choir and there will be no substitute prize
  • The prize is live performance at Peak FM's Christmas stage events in November 2019. The prize cannot be substituted or exchanged in any way
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