Peak Secret Sound

Peak FM's
With Chesterfield and Mansfield Bowl

The Peak FM Secret Sound has returned!

Can you identify our mystery sound? If you can, you'll walk away with the cash prize.

The prize fund goes up £5 for every day the sound isn't guessed correctly.

We'll play each weekday morning just after the 8:30 news. Make sure you tune in for your chance to win!

Incorrect Guesses

Diving Board
Roulette Wheel
Door Knocker
Hard Ruler on a table
Window Shutter in the Wind
Playing pool and balls dropping into pockets
Pen/Pencil tapping on a book
Turn Style
Chopping Board
Knocking on a table
Charity Sweet dispenser
Saloon Door
Sweets dropping into a vending machine
Pinball Machine Flaps
Coins going into a Piggy Bank
Tap dancing
A Paddleball
Winning on a Fruit Machine
Ping Pong Ball
Cattle Grid
Street Drummer
Cooking Popcorn
Strumming an elastic band
A Wheelie Bin
Roller-coaster coming in
Bowling Balls clanging together
Cable Cars
Wooden Clackers
An Old Fashioned Typewriter
Ringed Slide Projector
Ice Machine Dispenser
Clock Mechanism
Tap Shoes on a wooden floor
Morse Code Machine
Vintage Camera Shutter
Marbles on a hard surface
Space Bar on a Keyboard
An escalator
A pair of travel curling tongs
A wooden toy drum
A sewing machine
A Cat Flap
Wooden Water Mill Cogs
Flip Top Bin Lid
Grinding Wheel at a Mill
Trainers in a washing machine
Shuttle on a weaving loom
Spinning Drum Toy
Pack of cards tapping on a table
Bowling Ball coming back to you
Putting a Stone on a dry stone wall
Table Football
Connect Four Game
Flag Pole in the wind
Turnstyle at a Football Match
Pool Table
Stacking Cups
Train Buffers
Door Locking Mechanism
Washing Machine Knocking
Nail being hammered
Blacksmith Forging
Coins being dropped into a plastic bucket
A Judges Gavel
Air Hockey
Bucket and Spade making a Sandcastle
Nail Gun
Miners Time Check
Morris Dancers Clogs
Spade banging on a bucket
Tapping on a steering wheel
2p arcade machine
Lottery ticket being printed
Coin sorting machine
Domino's being knocked over
Car Indicator
Drink dispenser at bowling alley



Chesterfield & Mansfield Bowl

Chesterfield and Mansfield Bowl offer the ultimate tenpin bowling experience. Both having been recently refurbished, the venues boast 16 and 28 lanes respectively as well as pool table, glow in the dark bowling, a fully licensed bar and kids parties year round!

Find out more about Chesterfield Bowl Find out more about Mansfield Superbowl