Return of the Peak FM Panther

WIN UP TO £1000!
Just find the Peak FM Panther and you could win the cash!

The Peak FM Panther is worth up to a grand if found!

Who is the Peak FM Panther?

It's a mystery person in normal clothes. They could be a male or female adult of any age. All we know is that each day they'll be somewhere in North Derbyshire, a new location each day

How do I win?

Ask EVERYONE - your family, friends, colleagues, people in the street - this exact phrase in these exact words: "are you the Peak FM Panther?" One person is. If you find the right person you could win!

How much could I win?

The Peak FM Panther will call Ricky and Becky on the Breakfast Show each morning just after 8am and reveal the day's jackpot, which changes daily. It will be an amount up to a maximum of £1000. It does not roll over. It's whatever amount the Peak Panther announces on the Breakfast Show each day.

How do I know where to look?

The Peak FM Panther will reveal a clue on the Breakfast Show every morning (Monday to Friday only) just after 8am on Peak FM. The clue will be recapped on Facebook and Twitter later in the day. There may be some additional clues revealed on Facebook or Twitter during each day.

What does The Peak FM Panther look like?

That's a secret! They could be an adult of any age, male or female.

When will The Peak Panther be out and about?

The Peak Panther will be out and about in North Derbyshire for 15 workdays (Mondays to Fridays from Monday 13th May to Friday 31st May, excluding weekends)

About Wheelgate

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Competition Rules:

  1. The Peak FM Panther promotion runs from 13th to 31st May 2019 on weekdays only (not weekends)
  2. The Peak FM Panther does not carry cash and the prize is not available on the same day. Winners should allow up to 28 days for prize delivery
  3. The jackpot changes each day and will be the amount revealed by the Peak FM Panther on-air every morning.
  4. The jackpot does not roll over from one day to another.
  5. Only one cash prize can be won each day. If the Peak FM Panther is correctly identified with the phrase "Are you the Peak FM Panther" then the contest is closed for that day and cannot be won again until the next day. It is not possible for two people to win on the same day.
  6. The daily winner is the first person that asks "Are you the Peak FM Panther". (A second person a few seconds later could not be eligible to win)
  7. The Peak FM Panther can only be caught a) on one of the days of the contest as listed in point (1) above; b) during a one hour contest window as revealed on-air in the daily clue; c) when in a public place and not inside a vehicle, for example; d) when asked the direct question face-to-face "are you the Peak FM Panther" which must be in earshot of the Peak FM Panther and in reasonable close proximity (within 10 metres would be considered reasonable)
  8. The Peak FM Panther will wear ordinary clothes (they will not be dressed as a panther, for example)
  9. The Peak FM Panther must not be unreasonably harassed or addressed in a manner which might be considered offensive or make them feel uncomfortable. Such treatment could result in disqualification from the contest.
  10. While the organisers will endeavour to always use the same person to play The Peak FM Panther, Peak FM reserves the right to change the Peak FM Panther in case of unusual or unexpected factors, such as illness, which might otherwise interrupt the promotion. In such cases Peak FM would make this very clear both on-air and on social media channels on the day(s) affected.
  11. The Peak FM Panther will attend a daily location for a minimum of three minutes, after which time they may leave the location and the contest will be closed for that day.
  12. The decision of Peak FM and the contest judges is final and no correspondence can be entered into.
  13. In addition to the terms and conditions outlined above, standard Peak FM terms and conditions apply which can be found on this website.
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