Secret Sound




Bag yourself some pre-Christmas cash courtesy of Peak FM's Secret Sound competition with PK House!

Listen to Cat and Ricky just after the 8.30 news Monday to Friday on Peak FM for your chance to win.

The jackpot stands at £325 and goes up £5 each day.

They play you a sound... Get it right and win the cash!

Watch THIS space each day! We will be placing wrong guesses here, making it easier for you to win!

Listen to the Secret Sound

Competition rules can be found here.

Incorrect answers so far:

Nail Gun

The Dice on Frustration

Wall Stapler 

Clackers Toy 

A Ruler Bouncing at the Edge of a Table 

Drinks Can being Squashed

A Briefcase Opening

A Paint Spray Can 

Child Lock System on a Car being Switched Off 


Twanging an Elastic band 

Price Tagging Machine

A Typewriter

Dice Shaker on a Game of Ludo

Hole Puncher

Click and Catch Toy

A Ring Binder Closing

Cat Flap

Safety Cap on a Bottle of Tablets 

A Dog Clicker 

Swing Bin Lid 

Ticket clipper used on the buses at Crich Tramway

Water reservoir on a steam cleaner

Door catch opening

A spring door stop

Someone Morris Dancing 

Opening a Medicine Bottle

A Security Tag 

A Kettle plug being put in 

Magnetic Ball Bearings 

A Shampoo Bottle Opening and Closing 

Newtons Balls 

Tap dancing shoes

A Staple Gun 

A key in a door locking 

A liquid soap dispenser 

Driving over a grate in the road 

Clicking fingers in to a microphone 

Typewriter keys

Air hockey game in an amusement arcade

Snooker ball being potted 

A Sweetener dispenser 

A glitter spray can being shaken

Cover art for Don't Wanna Know

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